Case study

Nicole, RSD

  • INTERX RESULTS: After 29 InterX treatments, patient reported 7 prescription medications to none, minimal pain or other symptoms (pain level of 9 decreased to 0-3 out of 10), low functioning in wheel chair to active, pain induced seizures and locking jaw gone. As of 2018, patient remains 100% Opioid Free since 2016 InterX treatment (2 years).

  • PRIOR RESULTS: Patient reported these symptoms, medications, treatments and a pain level of 9 prior to InterX treatment:

    • Symptoms: Severe Bilateral Knee Pain, Blisters, Gastroparesis, Wheel Chair Use, Depression (Suicidal Thoughts)

    • Medication: Oxycodone, Lyrica, Tizanidine, Dilantin, Duloxetine DR, Promethazine, Meloxicam

    • Treatment: 13 Reconstructive Knee Surgeries, Spinal Blocks 

nicole's story

When I came to InterX this was my list of meds and supplements:


20 mg Oxycodone, LYRICA 600 mg per day, Dilantin 30 mg once daily, Duloxetine DR 30 mg 1x daily, Tizanidine 1 mg x 2 daily and 2 mg at night, Meloxicam 7.5 mg 2 x daily, Montelukast 10 mg pm, Claritin D 12 hour am only, Promethazine 25 mg as needed for nausea, 2 Aleve in early am, Ultra Proteo-zimes didn't work moved to saccharomyces Boulardi, HistDAO 2 x prior meals, Wibenzym PS 1350 mg 2x daily, Rhodiola 500 mg 2x daily, Inositol 500mg 3x daily, added back last month Fish oil 1000 mg, Osteo BiFlex MSM glucosamine HCI 1500 mg & joint shield 1998 mg daily, Iron 65 mg noon & magnesium 500 mg 1x bedtime, Meta mucil 2 x daily, Flaxseed oil 2000 mg daily, Zinc 50 mg, B 12 1000mg ( doesn't always do the drops), Echinacea 400 mg 3x daily, C-1000 daily, Cinnamon 1000 mg daily, Biotin 5000mcg daily, and folic acid 400mcg daily. 


After first week of InterX therapy Oxycodone 20 mg to 7.5 mg per day. After second week LYRICA 600 mg per day decreased to 300 mg per day. On the second group of 2 week treatment the following month we were able to eliminate Oxycodone that I had been on for over a year. Lyrica went down to 150 mg and we started to delete the Tizanidine.


Within the year, through InterX treating my pain, I was able to delete all of my meds, except my allergy/asthma meds. 


Because of InterX therapy I have been successfully in remission from RSD for almost 2 years. I have gone out of remission due to life factors and returned to InterX for therapy. They can get me back into remission with 2-3 treatments.

Before InterX I had 13 reconstructive surgeries on my knees. I was doing well recovering from my final surgery when I twisted my knee. Immediately swelling started. Then there were seizures, unbearable heat that made quarter sized blisters from the inside of the body onto the knees, it turned purple, there are no words to explain the pain, body and neck locking, wrists, etc. One minute I was fine and the next is radical pain and other symptoms.


I had a full scholarship to Pharmacy school at Ole Miss. It covered books, tuition, living, plus traveling home. I lost EVERYTHING.


We immediately tried the spinal blocks that are often suggested as a traditional RSD/CRPS treatment but they would not last long. To manage the pain the above list of opioids and other supplements were administered.


I was a competitive dancer, gone. I was an officer in my sorority, gone. I had a full scholarship, gone. Boyfriends, gone. Friends, gone. Extended family, gone.


My mother had to quit her job to care for me. We saw every type of doctor and received no help.  We ran every test and nothing ever came back with any answers. Doctors easily dismissed me and said it was in my mind which was very infuriating and had me losing hope daily. My parents have taken over a $100,000 from their 401K to cover treatments/procedures/hotels that insurance would not pay. I decided to kill myself 3 times but my mother could always stop me with hope. 


InterX with one two week session was able to give me hope and get me out of pain the first time in over a year, no amount of opioids and meds could get me much relief from my pain. Getting off the opioids was necessary for my stomach, my life, and remission from RSD. 


With InterX help I have finished school for medical coding, successfully been employed by MD Anderson Cancer Center for 13 months, finishing my Bachelors with honors in Health Information Management to receive my RHIT. I am on track to complete a dual MBA and Masters in Hospital Administration. I have gotten married. I also am pregnant and due March 8th. I am a high-risk pregnancy but with InterX clinic and Gods help I, we will be fine.


This is a very painful experience reliving the emails and texts, I do it because I FIRMLY KNOW InterX therapy can help many people get off and stay off Opioids and regain their life.


I encourage the FDA to approve InterX as a replacement to opioids and all the other drugs I was on.