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InterX InterX 5002 and InterX 1000 devices are used to apply a neurstim through electric pulse or spike through non-invasive, pain free contact with patient's skin. Multiple accessories can be used on the probe.


*With the InterX 5002 Professional Device, impedance of the skin can be measured prior to the treatment in order to locate and map optimal areas for treatment.

Interx pro and personal devices

Technology originally invented for astronauts is now at the fingertips of athletes, patients and practices.

Thanks to the Russian Space Program discovering an alternative to medication to avoid side effects at zero gravity, we now have InterX Neurostim technology. Today, the Noninvasive Interactive Neurostim (NIN) System is a product of over ten years of results-based clinical research.


FDA approved

InterX devices are Class II Medical Devices which carry GSA Military  Approval and the European CE Mark, and have been internationally marketed since 2005.

  • FDA 510(k): K042912 (17 May 2005) - for symptomatic relief and management of chronic intractable pain and                                     adjunctive treatment in the management of post-surgical and post traumatic pain

  • DAPA: SP0220-18-H-0047

  • GSA Military Approval - Final Review Phase

  • USA: US Patent No. 9, 630, 003 B2

  • Europe: CE Mark 649640

  • Singapore: HSA: Class B Medical Device, DE0012206 (21 Jan 2013)

  • Australia: RehaCare Pty Ltd, DV-2016-MC-00971-1 (2 Sep 2016)

  • South Korea: APSUN, Inc, KTR-BBA-1360 (2018-02-28)




used by the pros

InterX Neurostim is used by the pros including The Mayo Clinics, Duke Medical Center, London Bridge Hospital, Phoenix Rehab, USA Army, USA Marines, West Point Military Academy, NFL, NBA, NHL, and Olympic Teams.

made in the USA

Manufactured in the USA and sold throughout the world.

Interx patent history

Noninvasive Interactive Neurostim (NIN) System

See Patient Testimonials & Case Studies of 100% Opioid Reduction including prescriptions for:

  • Cymbalta

  • Fentanyl

  • Hydrocodone

  • Lyrica

  • Morphine

  • Neurotin

  • Suboxone

  • ​​Tramadol

  • Vicodine


Development phase products

New Noninvasive Interactive Neurostim (NIN) System

InterX 7 Professional Device
InterX 3 Personal Device
Control Unit
InterX App
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Unlike implantable spinal cord stimulators,  InterX neuromodulation treats severe pain with a higher success rate without risk of infection.

The InterX 5002 pro is:

1) interactive: displays feedback allowing user to map nervous system response according to impedance levels, showing the user exactly where on the body to treat

2) stronger than TENS and other estim: delivers higher amplitude and higher density with an intensity not restricted by accommodation and muscle contraction

3) smart and responsive: interactive frequency adapts to tissue impedance, so the body's response determines each