Medical Perspective

"I have used lnter-X [non-invasive neurostim] technology exclusively in my practice at Brooke Army Medical Center since November 2014. I am a Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner providing behavioral medicine services (adjustment to disability, anxiety/depression, insomnia, grief and loss, pain management and PTSD) in a rehabilitation setting for military service members, veterans, and dependents who have sustained serious injuries (e.g., multi-trauma, burns, major surgery, amputations and nerve damage). I have used the lnter-X on many patients over the years and have found it to be particularly useful in patients with neuropathic pain, sciatica, complex regional pain syndrome and phantom limb pain. My patients often describe their results as the most effective treatment received. They are often able to reduce pain medication, note increased levels of activity and have an improved quality of life. Based on favorable clinical outcomes, I consider it an integral tool for patients who struggle with the above conditions."

—Jorge Torres, Psychiatric Nurse Practioner

Brooke Army Medical Center


Medical — The Mayo Clinics, Duke  Medical Center, London Bridge Hospital, Phoenix Rehab

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military perspective

"As you know, I have had much experience with the InterX units and have advocated their use in 3 other clinics; in some of these locations we maintained over 20 units.  I have found them to be invaluable tools both in my role as a primary care physician and as an integrative medicine specialist."


—Respectfully, Thomas R. Piazza, MD

Medical Director, Invisible Wounds Initiative

"My section provides behavioral medicine and pain management services (adjustment to disability, anxiety/depression, insomnia, grief and loss, pain management, PTSD) in a rehabilitation setting for military service members, Veterans, and dependents who sustained serious injuries (e.g., multi-trauma, burns, critical care, major surgery). I have used the InterX on over one hundred patients since 2014. Although the device works to some degree on numerous pain conditions, I consider it an integral tool for patients who are struggling with severe neuropathic pain conditions like Complex Regional Pain Syndrome and Phantom Limb Pain."

—Benjamin Keizer, PhD Psychology, Rehabilitation and Psychology Center

Center for the Intrepid, Department of Defense, San Antonio Military Medical Center

InterX  Technology is non-invasive, easy to use and gets results.”  —Dr. Gerhard Maale, Orthopedic Oncologist, Presbyterian Hospital

“InterX has become an integral part of our treatment regime, with excellent results in acute, chronic and post-surgical application. The results, portability and ease of application make InterX a valuable tool for keeping the athletes on the field of play.”

 —Jim Maurer, NFL Head Athletic Trainer, Dallas Cowboys

Patient Perspective


After receiving 14 InterX treatments at the InterX Therapy and Research Center, "I went from 5 prescription medications to none, minimal to no pain or discomfort [pain levels of 7 to 0 out of 10], digestive issues resolved, 0-1 migraine per month and decreased depression, anxiety and better sleep."


Professional Counselor

Postural Orthostatic Tachycardia Syndrome (POTS)

Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome (EDS)

"InterX therapy gave me back the most important things in my life. In fact, it gave me my life back. Immediately my pain seizures stopped. I stopped all medication. I slowly was able to re-enter society. I am now a full time physical therapist for birth to 3 year olds. My day consists of 7 patients where I sit on the floor, kneel, walk, run, and jump. I have no lingering signs of CRPS and it does not limit my function in any way."


PhD in Physical Therapy

RSD: Post-surgical Pseudo Seisures

Spinal Cord Stimulator Candidate