InterX ​noninvasive interactive neurostimulation (NIN) research demonstrates

Pain Reduction & Medication Reduction

medication reduction

Nine out of 12 published InterX noninvasive neurostim studies on pain show medication reduction. All twelve studies were conducted with an InterX treatment protocol using a single InterX device. The InterX Therapy Center advanced protocol now uses 12+ InterX 5002 devices and an average of 9 devices has been shown to completely eliminate pain and opioid use, while reducing the symptoms of opioid withdrawal (see data).



opioid elimination

Many of the hundreds of patients treated at the InterX Therapy Center, since it was founded in 2007 as the InterX NIN research center, report pain relief and reduction of opioid prescription use. Medical research (above) conducted using InterX NIN devices also shows reduction pain and opioid medication; however, the InterX Therapy Center is seeing a trend of complete elimination of prescription opioid use among chronic pain patients.

Lasting results

Data from eleven patients treated with an average of 9 devices at the InterX Therapy Center show a self-reported 100% elimination of opioids after an average of 14.3 treatments (4-5 weeks). These patients have remained opioid free after treatment. The patient’s VAS Pain score decreased from a pre-treatment average of 7 to 8 (with opioids) to a post-InterX treatment average of 0 to 2 (without opioids). In addition to pain relief, InterX patients and InterX practitioners report a reduction of symptoms of opioid withdrawal.

femur fracture study

The results displayed in graphs and charts below are from a random controlled study of noninvasive neuromodulation in the post-operative recovery of patients with a trochanteric fracture of the femur. Patient indicators are taken from the SF36 survey tool.

Federal Institution, Training and Scientific Medical Center, Administrative Department of the President of the Russian Federation, Moscow, Russia


60 patients

Average age 71

67% female


Performed one (1) 20-30 minute treatment/day with a single device to supplement routine rehab care for 10 days after surgery

Random controlled

30 Active InterX

30 Sham

pain scale
Subjective pain estimation as measured on the VAS scale. Pain in the InterX Group is below 2 on Day 6. The Control Group records an average below 2 on day 10.





Average Length of Stay

6-7 days - InterX Group ready for discharge
10+ days - Control Group ready for discharge
Duration of medication effectiveness

InterX therapy helps to improve the patient determined duration of effectiveness of the analgesic drugs:

•  InterX Group 5 times greater than the sham by the 10th day.

•  40% of the InterX Group did not take any medication on Day 10. 

•  All Control Group patients were still accepting medication.


Range of motion
The ROM goal for the population is 90 degrees. The InterX therapy application helps to improve ROM at the coxofemoral joint by the 10th day 1.3 times more effective than the use of the placebo.
After 10 days of treatment, the objective physician evaluation of each patient shows:
  • Control group shows None to Average improvement
  • InterX group shows Substantial to Full Recovery
mood, sleep, walking & Quality of life
The indicators are taken from the SF36 survey tool. According to patient self evaluation, InterX is:

MOOD 2.5x more effective

SLEEP 1.6x more effective

WALKING – 1.9 times more effective

Quality of Life (QOLK) – 2 times more effective

Early Pain Characteristics
Throbbing, Tiring, Sharp, and Shooting are strongly expressed in both groups on Day 1.  It is preferable that the presence of this group of characteristics decrease.  The patient experiences are significantly different as early as Day 5.  By Day 10, none of the characteristics are present in any InterX treated patients.

Healing Pain Characteristics
As the patient begins to recover the experience of pain changes from Tiring, Sharp and Shooting to Tender and Aching.  These characteristics will peak during recovery and then disappear to No Pain.  Tender and Aching peak in the InterX treated group on Day 5 with 8 patients reporting No Pain by Day 10. In the Control group the only characteristic that changed was Aching.